Semantic Software Design: A New Theory and Practical Guide for Modern Architects

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With this practical book, architects, CTOs, and CIOs will learn a set of patterns for the practice of architecture, including analysis, documentation, and communication. Author Eben Hewitt shows you how to create holistic and thoughtful technology plans, communicate them clearly, lead people toward the vision, and become a great architect or Chief Architect.

This book covers each key aspect of architecture comprehensively, including how to incorporate business architecture, information architecture, data architecture, application (software) architecture together to have the best chance for the system’s success.

  • Get a practical set of proven architecture practices focused on shipping great products using architecture
  • Learn how architecture works effectively with development teams, management, and product management teams through the value chain
  • Find updated special coverage on machine learning architecture
  • Get usable templates to start incorporating into your teams immediately
  • Incorporate business architecture, information architecture, data architecture, and application (software) architecture together
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